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Robert Reenan, PhD

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Robert Reenan

Title: Professor of Biology
Department: Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, & Biochemistry
+1 401 863 6353

Overview | Research | Grants/Awards | Teaching | Publications

We are interested in evolution of brain function and behavior. Our primary model system is Drosophila, the fruit fly, for its powerful traditional and molecular genetics. Our main question is - how do genomes encode and regulate proteins involved in rapid electrical and chemical signaling in the brain, normally and in disease? Surprisingly, this has led us into studies of RNA editing, comparative genomics, small non-coding RNA, heterochromatin, evolution of RNA structure, and inherited neurological disorders.


Robert Reenan trained as a graduate student in the laboratory of Dr. Richard Kolodner at Harvard Medical School where he studied the process of DNA repair in yeast, discovering genes that would become important in human cancer. He then pursued post-doctoral work in the Laboratory of Genetics at University of Wisconsin-Madison under Dr. Barry Ganetzky. There, he started a lifelong love affair with behavioral neurogenetics studying, in particular, ion channel genes in the fruit fly. He began his independent career at the University of Connecticut Medical School in the Department of Genetics where he discovered the process of RNA editing in the nervous system of the fly. Reenan joined the faculty at Brown University in the summer of 2006.

Research Description

We are interested in evolution of brain function and behavior. Our primary model system is Drosophila, the fruit fly, for its powerful traditional and molecular genetics. Our main question is, how do genomes encode and regulate proteins involved in rapid electrical and chemical signaling in the brain, normally and in disease? Surprisingly, this has led us into studies of RNA editing, comparative genomics, small non-coding RNA, heterochromatin, evolution of RNA structure, and amyloidogenesis.





Funded Research

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association (ALSA)
Investigator Initiated Research Grant #2279

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)
EUREKA Award in the Epilepsies - 1R01NS074686-01
"Genetic Suppression studies of human epilepsy mutations in a model genetic system" 02/15/2011 - 01/31/2015 $1,296,000

Michael J. Fox Foundation RRIA
"Accurate Drosophila Genetic Models of LRRK2-based Parkinson's Disease" (Reenan-Principal Investigator) 10/30/2009-10/29/2010

Ellison Medical Foundation Senior Scholar Award (ReenanÃÆ'Ã'¢Ã¢'Ã'¬"Principal Investigator) 11/1/2005-10/31/2009
"Genetic Recoding by RNA Editing and the Aging Process"

Cambridge-Templeton Consortium (UK) (ReenanÃÆ'Ã'¢Ã¢'Ã'¬"Principal Investigator) 9/1/2006-8/31/2008
Emergence of Biological Complexity Grant Competition
"Fine Tuning the Molecules of Behavior in Animals"

National Science Foundation MCB-0424639 (ReenanÃÆ'Ã'¢Ã¢'Ã'¬"Principal Investigator) 8/1/2004-7/31/2007
"Natural History and Functional Evolutionary Studies of A-to-I-pre-mRNA Editing-ARB"


Donaghue Medical Research Foundation F01-107 (ReenanÃÆ'Ã'¢Ã¢'Ã'¬"Principal Investigator) 1/1/2002-8/31/2006
"Neurogenetics of Ion Channel Function and Dysfunction"

Coins for Alzheimer's Research Trust (ReenanÃÆ'Ã'¢Ã¢'Ã'¬"Principal Investigator) 6/1/2004-5/31/2006
"Testing the Amyloid Hypothesis in Drosophila "

National Science Foundation MCB-0091142 (ReenanÃÆ'Ã'¢Ã¢'Ã'¬"Principal Investigator) 3/1/2001-2/28/2004
"Natural History and Functional Evolutionary Studies of A-to-I-pre-mRNA Editing"

NIH 5R01 GM62291-04 (ReenanÃÆ'Ã'¢Ã¢'Ã'¬"Principal Investigator) 5/1/2001-4/30/2006
"Genetic Dissection of A-to-I pre-mRNA Editing in Drosophila"

Patterson Trust (ReenanÃÆ'Ã'¢Ã¢'Ã'¬"Principal Investigator) 1/1/2004-12/31/2005
"Development of a Fruit Fly Model of Alzheimer's Disease"

National Science Foundation MCB-0234648 (ReenanÃÆ'Ã'¢Ã¢'Ã'¬"Principal Investigator) 5/15/2003-4/30/2006
"Insecticide Design: Insights from Venomous Spiders"

Courses Taught

  • GENETICS (BIOL 0470)
  • Neurogenetics and Disease (BIOL2340)

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Selected Publications

  • Reenan, RA (2014) Correcting mutations by RNA repair. New England Journal of Medicine. 370(2):172-174.(2014)
  • Zhu C, Chang C, Reenan RA, and Helfand SL. (2014) Indy gene variation in natural populations confers fitness advantage and life span extension through transposon insertion. Aging. 6(1):58-69.(2014)
  • Gell SL and Reenan RA. (2013) Mutations to the piRNA Pathway Component aubergine Enhance Meiotic Drive of Segregation Distorter in Drosophila melanogaster. Genetics. 193(3):771-784.(2013)
  • Rieder LE,Staber CJ,Barry Hoopengardner B. & Reenan RA. (2013) Tertiary structural elements determine the extent and specificity of messenger RNA editing. Nature Communications 4:2232 doi:10.1038/ncomms3232(2013)
  • St Laurent G, Tackett MR, Nechkin S, Shtokalo D, Antonets D, Savva SA, Maloney R, Kapranov P, Lawrence CE and RA Reenan. (2013) Genome-wide analysis of A-to-I RNA editing by single-molecule sequencing in Drosophila. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology (in press, Epub Sept.29, 2013) doi:10.1038/nsmb.2675(2013)
  • Savva YA, Jepson JEC, Chang Y, Whitaker R, Jones BC, St Laurent G, Tackett MR, Kapranov P, Jiang N, Du G, Helfand SL, and Reenan RA. (2013) RNA editing regulates transposon-mediated heterochromatic gene silencing. Nature Communications 4:2745 doi:10.1038/ncomms3745(2013)
  • Juliano CE, Reich A, Liu N, Götzfried J, Zhong M, Uman S, Reenan RA, Wessel GM, Steele RE, Lin H. (2013) PIWI proteins and PIWI-interacting RNAs function in Hydra somatic stem cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2013 Dec 23. [Epub ahead of print] PMID:24367095(2013)
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  • Sun L, Gilligan J, Staber C, Schutte RJ, Nguyen V, O'Dowd DK, Reenan R. (2012) A knock-in model of human epilepsy in Drosophila reveals a novel cellular mechanism associated with heat-induced seizure. J Neurosci. 32(41):14145-14155.(2012)
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