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David Gifford, MD, MPH

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David Gifford

Title: Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine
Department: Medicine

+1 401 222 2231

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Quality of Care
Nursing Homes
Quality Improvement
Public Reporting



Teaching Experience

Public Health
Quality Improvement
Guiest lectureL Geriatrics, nursing homes, health care system

Courses Taught

  • Public Health (168)

Selected Publications

  • Kissam S, Gifford DR, Nor V, Patry G. Admission and Continued Stay Criteria for Assisted Living Facilities. Journal of the American Geriatric Society In press(IN PRESS)
  • Kissam S, Gifford DR, Patry G, Bratzler D. Is Signed Consent for the Influenza or Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccines Required? Arch of Int Med. In Press(IN PRESS)
  • Kissam S, Gifford DR, Parks P, Patry G, Palmer L, Wilkes L, Fitzgerald M, Petrulis A, Barnette L. Approaches to quality improvement in nursing homes: Lessons learned from the six-state pilot of CMS's Nursing Home Quality Initiative BMC Geriatrics 2003, 3:2(2003)
  • Mor V., Angelelli J, Gifford D, Morris J, Moore T. Benchmarking and quality in residential and nursing homes: lessons from the US. Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. 2003;18(3):258-66.(2003)
  • Mattke S, Reilly K, Martinez-Vidal E, McLean B, Gifford D. Reporting Quality of Nursing Home Care to Consumers: The Maryland Experience. International Journal of Quality in Healthcare. 2003;13(2): 169-177.(2003)
  • Mor V, Berg K, Angelleli J, Gifford, DR, Morris J, Moore T. The Quality of Quality Measurement in US Nursing Homes. The Gerontologist. 2003; 43(2):37-46.(2003)
  • Angelilli J., Gifford DR, Intrator O, Goazlo P, Laliberte L, Mor V. Access to Post-Acute Home Care Before and After the BBA. Health Affairs 2002 September/October;21(5):254-264(2002)
  • Angelelli J., Gifford DR, Shah A, Mor V. External Threats and Nursing Home Administrator Turnover. Health Care Management Review 2001;26(3):52-62(2001)
  • Gifford DR, Holloway RG, Vickrey BG. Systematic review of clinical prediction rules for neuroimaging in the evaluation of dementia. Arch Intern Med. 2000;160: 2855 - 2862.(2000)
  • Gifford DR, Holloway RG, Frankel MR, Albright C, Meyerson R, Griggs R, Vickrey BG. Improving adherence to dementia guidelines through education and opinion leaders: a randomized controlled trial. Ann Intern Med 1999;131:237-246(1999)
  • Gifford DR, Lapane KL, Gambassi G, Landi F, Mor V, Bernabei R. Tacrine use in nursing homes. Neurology 1999;52:238-244(1999)