WIM Mentor Program

Every fall, students are invited to take part in the Women in Medicine Mentor Program that brings together women medical students, at an early point in their professional studies, with physician mentors. Through informal meetings with their mentors, the program offers students the chance to explore a particular medical specialty, as well as to gain perspective on the challenge of balancing life with a career in medicine. The primary objectives of the program are:

  • promoting connections between women medical students and physician role models
  • offering students opportunities to spend time with women physicians in different medical specialties and clinical settings
  • assisting students to clarify their personal and professional goals
  • promoting the concept of networking in career development

Students and mentors have addressed a variety of topics including: residency training, blending family and career, medical specialties, women in academic medicine, women in leadership positions, women's health care issues, specialized health care delivery (e.g. primary care, international health, public health), careers integrating research and clinical responsibilities, and MD/PhD programs.

>2014-2015 Physician Mentor Form

>2014-2015 Student Mentee Form

For further information on mentoring opportunities, e-mail your interests to officeofwomeninmedicineandsci@brown.edu.