Women in Medicine (WIM) Mentoring Programs - 2015-2016

The Women in Medicine Mentor Program promotes connections between women medical students early in their educational and professional studies with women physicians based at Brown affiliated hospitals and in the community.

Through events such as the WIM Mentoring Night and WIM Specialty Night, students will explore different themes in mentoirng groups led by women physician faculty and residents. This is also an opportunity for students to learn about a medical specialty and consider ways in shaping career goals in medicine from the perspectives of a woman physician.

For further information on mentoring opportunities, e-mail your interests to officeofwomeninmedicineandsci@brown.edu.

WIM Mentoring Night


Women physician faculty faculty and residents will lead small mentoring groups comprised of women medical studetns. Informal discussions at the WIM Mentoring Nights will focus on:

  • Career paths in medicine from the perspectives of women physicians.
  • Different approaches to work-life balance in shaping your career.
  • Women in academic medicine and leadership positions.

Other areas for discussion may include:

  • The importance of networking in career development.
  • Careers integrating research and clinical responsibilities.

To register for the WIM Mentoring Night, please visit the link below:

2015-2016 WIM Mentoring Night - Student Registration

Questions? Please e-mail officeofwomeninmedicineandsci@brown.edu or call 401.863.7960/2450.

WIM Specialty Night


Women physician faculty and residents will represent different specialty areas in discussion clusters. Women medical students will participate in specific clusters for the program. The goal is to offer students insights into the residency experience and medical specialties from the unique viewpoint of women physicians.