How to Enroll

The Developmental Disorders Genetics Research Program (DDGRP) at Bradley Hospital, Hasbro Children’s Hospital, and Brown University is looking for genes involved in autism and related disorders, such as intellectual disability (formerly known as mental retardation). The DDGRP is directed by Dr. Eric M. Morrow, who is a genetics researcher specialized in developmental disorders.  We are also trying to find whether autism occurs along with patterns in chromosomes, such as chromosomal deletions.  

We are inviting families to participate if there is at least one member affected by autism, intellectual disability or related conditions.

Participation in our research involves providing a DNA sample, usually by giving a small amount of blood (about two tablespoons) and/or saliva, as well as sharing information about medical and family history.  We request DNA samples from affected individuals as well as their parents and healthy siblings, when possible. Reading and signing a research consent form is required before participating.

For more information about our research or how to participate, please contact the research coordinator for the DDGRP at Bradley Hospital at 401-432-1200 or email us at