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C. James Sung, MD

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Title: Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Department: Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

+1 401 274 1122

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My research interests are in gynecological pathology, breast pathology, and cytopathology, particularly in tumor pathology of these areas.

Teaching Experience

Every year there are at least 60,000 legal immigrants from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong along with 50,000 students plus their families entering the US. Adding tourists, business travelers (given that China's GDP is growing at 8% a year), students and restaurant workers (Rhode Island has 300+ Chinese restaurants), we are talking about a lot of NEW Chinese entering USA annually. These people need doctors who can communicate with them.

Students who participate in the Chinese Medicalese Elective will attain a working knowledge of Mandarin Chinese relevant to medical practice in order to better communicate with Chinese-speaking patients. The elective course is designed with students in mind who are somewhat proficient in the Mandarin and/or Cantonese and desire to learn specialized language skills for doctor-patient communication.

The class is for medical students only. Students must have basic knowledge of Chinese and able to participate in conversation in simple mandarin Chinese. The six-session course will cover basic vocabulary and phrases for conducting patient interviews. The course is conducted entirely in Chinese, with 1 hour of lecture and 1 hour of role play, emphasizing interview skills and differences of Chinese subcultures in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia.

The Elective is offered upon request if there is a group of 4 or more interested students. A student coordinator is needed to recruit potential students, work with the medical school to secure classroom, distribute weekly reminder or occasional announcements and to collect faculty evaluation forms. Classes are typically conducted in the evening for two hours (6-8 PM). It is offered "Satisfactory" "No credit".

Courses Taught

  • Chinese Medicalese Elective (BIOL 6501)
  • Pathology small group (Biol 3653 IMS-II)