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Sally Zierler, DrPH, MPH, MEd

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Title: Professor Emerita of Medical Science
Department: Epidemiology
Section: Biostatistics Section.


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My research is in four related areas: HIV prevention and treatment; health of women; health effects of traumatic stress over the life course; and health effects of compassionate/altruistic love. All of these areas of research overlap in domains of mind-body interactions and health, social epidemiology, pathophysiology and biology of aging, and statistics.


Over the last two decades my research, teaching and public health practice has addressed effects of interactions of social and biologic experience and population health. Much of this work has been in the context of health of women in relation to HIV infection, structural and interpersonal violence, social inequalities, and mind-body dynamics, particularly in relation to spirituality and health.



Research Description

Mind/Body Interaction and Health Research

Over the last 25 years, my research has integrated reproductive and social epidemiology, developmental psychology, and epidemiologic methods with community-based public health practice. Major measurement development work includes research on life course exposure measurements of interpersonal and structural violence exposure, including neighborhood safety, police-related homicide of young Black men, economic composition and racial disparities in homicide victimization, and multiple studies of geospatial socioeconomic small-area interactions with respect to violence, depression, and HIV infection (Zierler, AJPH 2000; Pearlman PubPolRpt, 2003; Gjelsvik et al; J Urban Hlth 2004); development of measures of life course violence victimization (Wise et al, Zierler, The Lancet 1991;), and dimensions of spirituality and health effects (Zierler and Stein, Fetzer presentation, Chicago 2003).

"Compassionate love as a mediator of stress responses among HIV infected people (18+ years) and their families" (PI; Fetzer Institute; 2001-2004): Phase I of this project is measurement of spiritual dimensions using previously validated questions supplemented with qualitative interviews on spirituality, religiosity, love, and social responsibility. Our hypothesis is that compassionate love promotes physical well-being both proactively and reactively through spiritual interactions with physiologic regulation of stress. Preliminary data suggest that people with HIV infection who report selfless caring for others at least everyday had more than a three-fold increase in odds of CD4> 350 relative to people reporting compassionate loving less often. As well, risk of depression was over 7 times greater among people reporting less than daily compassionate love.

"Societal factors, stress hormones, and preterm birth", Co-investigator, Subcontract from HPHC, March of Dimes 20-FY03-0699 (Rich-Edwards, PI): The aims of this study are to test the extent to which: 1) maternal experiences of racism or violence in childhood and adulthood are associated with the risk of preterm birth; 2) second trimester levels of CRH are associated with risk of preterm birth; and 3) Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) levels are associated with maternal experiences of racism or violence. Enduring social and psychological stress may raise the risk of preterm delivery by raising levels of placental CRH. Women who have been the targets of racism or personal violence may be at particularly high risk of preterm delivery. Dr. Rich-Edwards and her team have begun to examine these questions among women enrolled in Project Viva, a Boston-based longitudinal study of 6,000 pregnant women and their children. My role has been development and analysis of measures of violence and threats of violence over the life course of pregnant women in relation to maternal, cord blood, and newborn CRH levels.

"Life course of violence victimization and ovarian aging" (S Zierler, PI, NIH-NIMH 1R01 MH 57735, 9/1/1998-5/31/2001): The goals of this project were to investigate physiologic effects of sexual and physical violence as cumulative stressors on occurrence of menstrual disorders and rate of decline in ovarian aging, as measured by serum levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and estradiol (E2), which respectively rise and fall with onset of menopause. Overall, women who experienced abuse during childhood or adolescence relative to never abused women had a slight positive association with high FSH. However, a positive association with high FSH was not observed among women whose first abuse occurred during adulthood. We also reported early perimenopause to be associated with social and economic deprivation in childhood (ref.), and in another article, that early abuse was associated with greater risk of adult depression (Wise et al). Three articles on long-term effects of violence and social class on depression risk and perimenopausal onset have been published. Longitudinal data analysis did not support the baseline findings of early onset of perimenopause except among depressed women. Our studies have contributed to measurement discussions (laboratory levels and self-reports) and hypotheses regarding embodiment of early violence victimization as a cause of premature ovarian aging.

Other research on social inequalities in health include studies of protection laws of discrimination against sexual minorities and teenage suicide; neighborhood housing and environmental conditions and asthma risk; neighborhood, race/ethnicity, and overweight/obese prevalence; and pre-natal HIV testing in relation to race/ethnicity.


1980-1981 National Research Service Award Training Grant
1981-1984 Exxon Corporation Fellowship Program in Epidemiology
1984 Biomedical Research Support Grant, Harvard University
1985 Society for Epidemiologic Research Student Prize, "Maternal use of BendectinR and other drugs in early pregnancy and congenital heart disease"
1988 Brown University Women in Medicine, Mary Putnam-Jacobi Award in Teaching
1991-1992 Coolidge Fellow: Convenor, Faculty Discussion Groups on Challenge of Faith in the Academy, Pew Charitable Trust
1992 Coolidge Fellow, Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, Massachusetts
1992 Honorary Masters of Arts Degree ad eundum, Brown University
1994-1995 Fellowship in Health and Social Justice, Cambridge, Massachusetts
1996- 2001 Board of Directors, Thai Youth AIDS Prevention Project
1997 Rhode Island Campus Compact Community Service Award for Faculty Partnership
1999-2001 Board of Directors, National Women's Health Network
1998-2002 Founding Board of Directors, Occupational and Environmental Health Center of Rhode Island
2002 Extraordinary Woman Award, Rhode Island, Community Service Award
2003 Community partnership award: Rhode Island AIDS Prevention Strategic Planning Task Force
2004-2005 Brown University Award for Teaching Excellence in the Life Sciences
2006 Brown University Graduate School Teaching Service Award


American Public Health Association
Association for Religious and Intellectual Life

WHO Advisory Panel: Women, Violence, and HIV Infection, Geneva, Switzerland
Visiting Scholar in Epidemiology, Francois Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, Harvard School of Public Health
Fellow, Institute for Health and Social Justice, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Fellow, Dept. of Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Funded Research

9/1/2001-8/31/2005 Fetzer Foundation
"Compassionate love in relation to HIV well-being"
Principal Investigator, 20% effort, $89,000

10/1/1998-2/280/2004 March of Dimes (Subcontract from Harvard-Pilgrim Health Care)
"Societal factors, stress hormones and preterm birth"
Co-investigator, 5% effort, $10,000

9/1/2002-8/31/2004 R01- NIDA
"Racial disparities in access to HIV prevention strategies"
Co-investigator, 20% effort, $750,000

6/1/1999-5/31/2002 R01-NIH/NIMH
"Epidemiology of ovarian function in relation to violence"
Principal Investigator, 15% effort, $700,000

7/1/1999-6/30/2002 NIH/NIA
"Racial disparities in medication use in US nursing homes"
Co-investigator, 10% effort

9/30/1998-1/31/2001 NIH/NICHD (Subcontract from Harvard University – R01NIH-NICHD)
"Area-based socioeconomic measures for health data"
Principal Investigator

3/1/1999-2/28/2001 AHCPR/AHRQ
"Socioeconomic deprivation and outpatient health care use"
Principal Investigator, $75,000


1997-1998 AHCPR
"Racial disparities in US Nursing Home Care"
Principal Investigator, $79,000

1994-1999 AHCPR (subcontract from RAND Corporation)
"HIV Care Utilization Study (HCSUS)"

1996-1998 Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health
"Social deprivation and AIDS incidence in Massachusetts"
Principal Investigator, $20,000

1993-1998 Centers for Disease Control
"Natural History of HIV in Women" (HERS)
Investigator (awarded to Charles Carpenter, M.D., The Miriam Hospital)

1995-1996 RI Department of Health
"Violence Against Women Prevention Project"

1995-1997 NIH-NICHD
"Cervicovaginal inflammation and infection and HIV load"
Consultant (awarded to Kenneth Mayer, M.D., Memorial Hospital of RI)

1987-1992 National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH
Department of Community Health, Brown University/Memorial Hospital
"Heterosexual HIV Transmission in Greater Providence"
Co-principal Investigator

1991-1993 Department of Child Psychiatry, Rhode Island Hospital (NHLBI)
"Epidemiology of symptom perception of asthma in children"

1987-1990 National Institute of Child Health and Development, NIH
Department of Community Health, Brown University
"Preterm and small for gestational age at delivery across generations"
Project Director/Investigator

1985-1987 US Environmental Protection Agency
Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health
"Spontaneous Abortion and Water Toxicity"
Principal Investigator

1985-1987 US Environmental Protection Agency
Division of Health Statistics and Research, Massachusetts Department of Public Health
"Cancer Mortality and Chlorinated Drinking Water"
Principal Investigator

1984-1986 US Environmental Protection Agency
Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health
"Congenital Heart Disease and Water Toxicity"
Principal Investigator

Teaching Experience

Social inequalities and health; Health and human rights; Critical epidemiology; Methods in epidemiologic research; Health of women.

Courses Taught

  • Research Methods in Epidemiology (BC0212)

Selected Publications

  • Pearlman D, Zierler S, Meersman S, Kim HK, Viner-Brown S, Caron C. Race disparities in childhood asthma: Does where you live matter? JNMA. 98;239-247, 2006 Dore D, Zierler S.Over-Reliance on Patient Information Sheets, American Journal of Medicine, in press, 2006(2006)
  • Dore D., Zierler S.Over-Reliance on Patient Information Sheets; The Americal Journal of Medicine, in press, 2006.(2006)
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