Executive Dean for Administration

Executive Dean for Administration

The Executive Dean for Administration, Kim A. Galligan, reports to the Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences, Jack A. Elias, and acts as the Chief Operating Officer of the Division.

The Executive Dean for Administration manages the processes through which funds are analyzed and spent in support of the Division’s programs in education and research.

The office of the Executive Dean of Administration deals with department chairs, associate deans, and administrators at affiliated hospitals to develop long-range plans for research and educational programs and services.

Additionally, the Executive Dean serves as the primary liaison between the division and senior offices within the University regarding administrative and financial management practices, procedures and compliance issues.

The Executive Dean leads and directs the Division's office for Finance and Planning, Human Resources, Computer Services, Research Administration, Facilities Planning and Operations.

Administrative Leadership Group Mission Statement

The mission of the Administrative Leadership Team is to:

  • Advance the Dean’s strategic vision to transform the Division into a life and health sciences enterprise;
  • Provide leadership, collaborative support and functional expertise to the Division’s faculty, staff and students;
  • Steward the Division’s resources to balance the diverse needs of its stakeholders;
  • Nurture a culture of ownership and accountability; and,
  • Promote an environment of respect, competence and professionalism.