Biomed Reseach Administration

Biomed Reseach Administration

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Biomed Research Administration

The BMRA website has been created to serve as a valuable resource for the Division of Biology and Medicine faculty. We are constantly updating our Funding Resources and Submission Deadlines links.

BMRA is organized into two sections:
Pre-Award and Post- Award Management.

Pre-Award Management is responsible for:

  • providing information on sources of support;
  • assisting principal investigators in identifying research funding opportunities;
  • assisting faculty in the submission of applications;
  • assuring compliance with the University and sponsors' policies and requirements;
  • interpreting regulations of federal agencies and private sponsors;
  • clarifying University policies and procedures for faculty and sponsors.

Post-Award Management is responsible for:

  • overseeing the financial management of sponsored programs;
  • maintaining accounts and records;
  • preparing and submitting financial reports;
  • administering the expenditures of funds;
  • monitoring compliance with University and sponsor's financial provisions;
  • and assisting in audit resolution.