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People attending the Ball are encouraged to wear Blue Wrap gowns or outfits and or Blue Jeans.

What is Blue Wrap?

Blue Wrap is a material similar to the fabric used to make re-usable shopping bags.  Hospitals use this materials to keep operating room items sterile.  It is a fabric polypropylene (aka. plastic #5) that is utilized quickly in most hospital operating rooms and discarded as CLEAN, uncontaminated waste, but cannot be used twice.  Lots of this 'fabric' is thrown away, although a new recycling effort has taken root in RI. 

How Will I Get The Material?  What Are The Rules?

The planning committee for the event will make Blue Wrap available for designers at several locations throughout the state.  Following are the venues were you can collect the blue wrap:

The Miriam Hospital
Contact: Monica Anderson
Email: MAnderson5@Lifespan.org 
Tel: 401 793 2120

South County Hospital
David Floyd
Email: relocalize1@gmail.com
Tel: 401 782 8020

Hospital Association of RI
Amanda Barney
Email: AmandaB@hari.org
Tel: 401 946 7887 ext. 111

Kent Hospital
Eileen O’Donoghue
Email: EOdonoghue@kentri.org
Tel: 401 737 7010 ext. 31499

Your costs will be your time, talent, thread which you could potentially cover in the commission of an outfit.  We expect that people will commission the creation of unique designs because we have some great prizes for best outfits.  The outfits must be upcycled from Blue Wrap.  Other up-cycled elements can be used to embellish the outfits, but the majority of the outfit must be blue wrap. Ideally, other than thread, no new materials would be purchased to create an outfit.

If designing and sewing is not something for you, you can get someone to design an outfit for you made out of Blue Wrap. See some of the local designers in town who can help you with your outfit.  
Sandra Lee sleek1956@gmail.com
Natalie: notart1@cox.net
Fran Ramasco: fmr416@yahoo.com or 401 374 1932