Disadvantages of Myocardial Revascularization


Currently, there is only one major disadvantage to myocardial revascularization itself; the damage of healthy tissue surrounding the ischemic region. This is not a well studied topic, but is described by one researcher in a recently published article.

The study suggests that laser penetration of non-ischemic myocardium causes a response that might increase formation of scar tissue and be chronically detrimental to myocardial function. The indication therefore, is not to abandon MR as a procedure, but to take great care in identifying ischemic regions and contain laser pulsation to these selected regions only. (12.2)

An addional disadvantage with the TMR procedure is the need for a thoracotomy to access the ischemic region. A highly invasive procedure such as this one has many risks associated with it, along with a lengthy recovery time.



These two concerns support the use and development of PMR and DMR since these procedures use less laser energy in channel formation and are performed percutaneously.

More about the technology behind these procedures.

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