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Non-vital organ transplantation is a new and developing field. The golden rule of all doctors, "first do no harm," is suddenly brought into question with risky surgeries such as hand transplantation. It is entwined with ethical questions and dilemmas. However, many individuals who have lost hands or other non-vital organs believe that the benefits of the surgeries far outweighs the costs and risks.

This site attempts to give a fair and detailed summary of hand transplantation surgery, the ethical questions attached, and the alternatives that exist. It also gives a brief synopsis of other non-vital organ transplantation procedures that are available today.

Where will this lead? With only 22 hand transplants done to date, the future of the technology is still unkown. Will we see more hand transplantations done in the future? or will the technologically advanced prostheses be the dominant therapy? Maybe in the future the technological and surgical procedures will come together to create a replacement equivalent to a fully-fucntional hand. These questions and more are explored throughout the site.

For more imformation on new developments in organ-replacement therapies:

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